Board of Governors

Governing bodies are the strategic leaders of schools. They are rightly responsible and accountable in law and in practice for major decisions about the school and its future.

Governing bodies are equal partners in leadership with the head teacher and senior management team. Governors control matters such as:

 Appointment of staff – and deciding how many to employ

  • Curriculum content and balance – within national guidelines
  • Maintenance of the school buildings and grounds
  • How the school’s budget is spent.

Governors’ decisions in these areas have a real effect on the way in which the school is run and on the way in which our children are educated.  These decisions are made at meetings held twice each term.  During meetings the governors will deal with routine matters – school finance, staff appointments, pupil safety, class organisation etc.  The Governing Body has four committees each of which has a particular responsibility for one of the above areas.  Committees meet as required, and their decisions are ratified by the full governing body.

The Headteacher’s Report is presented once per term to the Governing Body.  Each report gives a résumé of current events in school, curricular and staff development and LEA issues which affect the school – plus anything else which informs the governors of what is happening and helps them reach decisions.

Further information about the Governors may be found here.

We currently have two vacancies for community governors. For more information, please see our vacancies page.