Welcome to Year 3 


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Theme-led Curriculum          


What have the Ancient Greeks ever done for us? It was wonderful to see the children so excited and enthusiastic about their Greek geography learning during Autumn half term, and we look forward to the second part of our Theme learning about Greece. In this history-based topic, we will continue to learn about Greece and how it has helped shape modern thought, democracy and life in general through a number of smaller challenges:

  • Who were the ancient Greeks?
  • What did we learn from them?
  • What does Greek art tell us about their lives?

We will have a WOW day in the first few weeks (date to be confirmed), when the children can come to school in ancient Greek dress.

Science  Year 3 will be finishing their topic ‘What do rocks tell us about the way the Earth was formed’? We will then move onto a new challenge where will be asking, ‘How did that blossom become an apple?’ This learning challenge will involve children identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants. The children will investigate:

  • What plants need in order to grow?
  • How water is transported within plants.
  • Why flowers are important in the life cycle of a plant.

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Homework and Reading

There is an expectation that your child completes at least three twenty minute reading sessions a week at home. This can be independent, reading to an adult, on Bug Club or a mixture of reading and book discussion with an adult.

In addition to this, the children will know from their maths lessons which times table they need to practise and they need to do this at home twice a week. For the completion of the above tasks, children will be awarded three dojos.

The homework diary can also be used as a means of communication between yourself and your child's teachers. Teachers will sign diaries every week and we ask that you also sign the diary weekly.