Welcome to Year 4 


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Theme-Led Curriculum

Why has Greece always been in the news?

This Learning Challenge question provides us with a history and geography theme in which we will learn about Greece. This time, we are spreading our learning across two half terms, and will begin with a Geography focus. Studying the geographical features of Greece and looking at it as a holiday destination will help us to examine how the weather affects the daily lives of those who live in a Mediterranean climate. We will study continents as well as Greece in more detail, and in Spring term we will study the Ancient Greeks, their life and art, and their impact on modern life.

Our Learning Challenge questions for this topic include:

  • Where is Greece?
  • What is a climate zone and how does it affect daily life in Greece?
  • How can lines be of latitude and longitude?
  • How can I collect, compare and contrast data?

What happens to the food we eat?

Year 4 will be learning about the digestive system in animals, including humans, and investigating what the body does with what it doesn’t need! We will be taking an imaginative approach to demonstrating how the body excretes waste!

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Year 4 Residential to High Adventure

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Homework and Reading

There is an expectation that your child completes at least three twenty minute reading sessions a week at home. This can be independent, reading to an adult, on Bug Club or a mixture of reading and book discussion with an adult.

In addition to this, the children will know from their maths lessons which times table they need to practise and they need to do this at home twice a week. For the completion of the above tasks, children will be awarded three stars.

The homework diary can also be used as a means of communication between yourself and your child's teachers. Teachers will sign diaries every week and we ask that you also sign the diary weekly.