Welcome to Year 6


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Theme-Led Curriculum

‘The Golden Age’ The first two weeks of this half term will see us completing our Egyptian topic with a very exciting DT project involving ModRoc! After, we will begin to investigate a brand new topic which we are really excited about: “The Golden Age”. We will learn in detail about the significance and importance of Baghdad in helping to build and shape this early civilisation. In addition to this, we will find out about the House of Wisdom and some of the influential people who worked and studied there. We will study in detail about how early Islamic doctors made significant contributions to the development of medicine and surgery and how their work still influences the medical profession today. We will finally learn about other significant discoveries and inventions made by Muslim scholars in the early Islamic civilisation and we will also explore how items were made and where, and how they were traded with the rest of the world.

Science  In Year 6, we will be starting our new unit of learning about classification. We will be exploring how and why scientists group living things in our world. Our famous scientist for this half term is: Carl Linnaeus.

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All of the children in Year 5 and 6 will be given English and Maths homework weekly. This will include a variety of tasks, including spellings, to encourage the children to continue their learning at home. Children will be expected to complete at least three 20 minute readings per week; these must be signed by an adult at home to collect their stars. 

Year Six SATs

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